On 10 July, the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments will launch its report “Towards the Localization of the SDGs”, during a special event at the 2024 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), in partnership with United Cities and Local Governments and the United Nations Development Programme. Mayors, governors, and partners of the Global Taskforce will attend the event, emphasizing the importance of SDG localization.

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10 July, 2:00pm – 15:30pm (NY time)

(Credit: LRGF)

Such kind of report has been presented annually at the HLPF since 2017. The 2024 report is based on feedback from 196 LRGs and their associations across 70 countries. It analyzes how LRGs are adapting the SDGs to local needs and identifies areas where national coordination and reporting need to improve.

This year’s report launch event will discuss the latest data, contexts, and successful strategies in SDG localization, and share key messages and recommendations aimed at international stakeholders, national governments, and other actors to speed up SDG progress worldwide. Moreover, the report will highlight how the SDGs are interconnected and the significant role of local and regional governments in addressing issues like poverty, climate change, and violence.

Representatives from local and regional governments, national governments, international organizations, and civil society will participate in the session. The goal is to inspire new ways to work together towards the 2030 Agenda, particularly during challenging times.