Constant water supply has been a major challenge for women in Jarra Sukuta, in the lower river region of the Gambia. The women are mainly horticultural producers who have been grappling for years with water scarcity.

Insufficient water supply has delayed agricultural productivity and economic empowerment for women in the region. To help tackle this issue and improve agricultural productivity, the mayor of Banjul City Council who also doubles as the president of the Network of local elected Women of Africa (REFELA) , Rohey Malick Lowe, together with the Mayor of Lagfifat of Morocco, Mina Bouhdoud, unveiled a water project in Jarra Sukuta as a way of providing solutions to the water situation in the community.

The project aims to minimize the struggles that women in Jarra Sukuta encounter, particularly in irrigating their crops and meeting household water demands.

Rohey Malick, Mayor of Banjul city said the women are excited about the water project and its positive impact on their trade and their lives.

The project was made possible by the Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA), using the African Support Fund for International Decentralized Cooperation (FACDI) of the Directorate General of Local Authorities (DGCT) of the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior.

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