Amman is listening

Amman is listening online platform

Amman is Listening is a platform designed to understand residents’ needs better and provide feedback on services and events in their immediate vicinity. This platform offers easy access to information about existing and planned services, improving civic participation and trust in the Great Amman Municipality.

The development of this platform is part of a broader national drive to modernise Amman and enhance urban service delivery. It will aid in the smart transition of Amman, guide future investments, and ensure scalability and transferability to nearby cities. The open data platform will enable citizens to provide feedback quickly and suggest ideas to the Great Amman Municipality for better service delivery.

a digital interactive CITY MAP providING all the information and data that city residents need

The project has been designed based on interviews with city residents to identify their needs for urban services in residential areas.

The evaluation has assess the accessibility of those services and their availability, identifying areas of improvement, prioritizing services and identifying possible partners to improve city services such the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, the Civil Defense, bakery owners, and the Royal Geographical Center. 

The objective was to set baselines to better respond to crises and keep delivering services to residents during times of need.




Provide Data Transparency to all of Amman’s Residents

Residents will have greater awareness of their community, creating stronger bonds and trust in the city.


Residents CAN submit Feedback via the app

So the caity can integrate meaningful feedback into their development plans.


Notify residents AND provide info IN TIMES OF CRISES

Leading to a better equipped and informed city response to crises.


The Amman is Listening platform helps communities turn information into action thanks to an intuitive and accessible crowdsourcing and mapping tool. The platform enables rapid collection, management and analysis of crowdsourced information.

Amman is Listening empowers everyone— individuals, community groups, governments — to create meaningful change through an inclusive approach that empowers various stakeholders, capturing the essence of how crowdsourcing and mapping tools can enhance civic participation and responsiveness in urban management.