In January 2024, the Greater Amman Municipality conducted a workshop for the core staff of the “Amman is Listening project”. The objective was to strategize with all project team members about the next steps of the project. UNDP and Echo Technology the institution responsible for designing the map for the project also participated to the meeting.

Amman is listening is an online participatory platform, developed by the municipality, that allows residents to access the city services thanks to interactive maps, that can be especially helpful during times of crises.

The platform helps city to prioritize decisions and responses to crises. When fully develop, the platform will be accessible to the public through public landmarks and community centres in all the city neighborhoods.

During the workshop, team members reviewed the different technical options. Among the issues discussed were the upcoming workplan, activities and deliverables, communications and project risks.

Finally, consensus was agreed upon regarding on the design and model to move to the next phase of the project.