UNDP, United Cities and Local Government, and the Open Government Partnership Local have merged to support local government efforts to innovate Open Local Government and improve transparency and communication in local decision-making. This campaign will start on World Cities Day (31st October) until International Anti-Corruption Day (9th December) highlighting cases where cities-regions-territories are innovating public policy by using open government strategies as well as data, indicators, and stories to communicate more effectively the importance of open government in SDG local action.

Cities and regions are a natural space for adopting innovative open government principles. They are the level of government closest to people, where daily interactions between residents and the public sector take place. They have a better understanding of their territories and their communities’ needs. This level of government is best placed to use open government principles to enable communities to collaborate to advance sustainable development that is responsive to their local reality. By applying open government principles, cities and regions can include the innovation that emerge from citizens and the different actors in the territory to co-create ideas for better policy decisions. By bringing together transparency, participation, and new technologies, a government can create value and adapt quicker to the changing times;  leveraging citizens’ knowledge and technologies to transform and amplify the reach and impact of their actions. An open government redefines the basis of the public sector. It reshapes values and principles, promoting trust, institutional strength, and robust democracy.

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