CIFAL Málaga, the GIA Foundation, and the Vértice Group have announced the launch of the “Caregivers training course” targeting care professionals.

The training program comprises five separate 15 hour lessons, each focusing on different critical aspects for caregivers. From techniques for home feeding to understanding social relationships among the elderly and disabled, the curriculum aims to equip participants with essential skills to enhance the lives of those in situations of dependency.

Modules included in the training program:

  1. Home feeding and waste collection techniques
  2. Identification of communication and language problems related to the main general disorders
  3. Motivation and learning of the elderly, disabled, and/or ill individuals
  4. Social relationship of the elderly and disabled
  5. The environment as a contributing factor to personal autonomy, communication, and social relations
Credit : CIFAL Malaga

The primary goal of the training program is to enhance the standards of caregiving by providing participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. Through this initiative, the partners aim to promote a significant improvement in the services rendered and overall quality of care.

The caregiver training program will be conducted online. The duration of each course will vary based on the allocated hours for the respective module, with an optimal schedule allowing for two hours of training per day.

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