Homa Bay County, located in Kenya, is characterized by a young population, with approximately 79% of its residents under the age of 35. The majority of people in the county are engaged in agriculture, making the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 (No Poverty) and 2 (Zero Hunger) crucial for their well-being. Under the leadership of Governor Wanga, Homa Bay County has implemented various strategies and initiatives to address these goals and create a sustainable future for its residents.

SDG coordination and performance contracts:

Governor Wanga recognized the importance of effective coordination and accountability in achieving the SDGs. To ensure proper implementation, a cabinet committee of SDGs was established, along with an SDG coordination unit housed in the Department of Finance and Economic Planning. This unit comprises of SDG champions from each department who are responsible for mainstreaming the SDGs into their respective areas of work. Additionally, performance contracts have been introduced to hold staff accountable for achieving service delivery targets.

County Integrated Action Plan:

The County Integrated Action Plan (CIAP) 2023-2027 is a comprehensive community-led roadmap developed to mainstream the SDGs and achieve specific targets in Homa Bay County. This plan serves as a guide to address the challenges and prioritize initiatives aligned with the SDGs. By involving the community in the planning process, the county aims to ensure inclusivity and sustainability in its development efforts.

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