17th June 2024

Cities worldwide are experiencing a transformative shift in transportation dynamics, marked by the escalating utilization of e-cargo and e-bikes. These electrically assisted bicycles are rapidly gaining traction, offering a promise of cleaner, environmentally friendly, and more efficient urban mobility alternatives. E-bikes offer minimal environmental impact, presenting a potential solution to combat harmful emissions and reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, they provide opportunities for job creation and sustainable livelihoods, signaling a shift towards a more inclusive urban transport system.

Join us for a discussion sharing experiences from the United Kingdom, Uganda and India!

Register here, the webinar will count with interpretation into English, Spanish and French.

The advantages of e-bikes are numerous. They redefine short to medium-distance commuting, affording enhanced safety and comfort, particularly in regions characterized by hot climates or rugged topography. Moreover, the health advantages associated with cycling, such as enhanced cardiovascular fitness and muscular fortification, are substantial. E-bikes represent more than a mode of transport; they embody a vision for a cleaner, greener, and more inclusive urban future. As cities embrace the e-bike revolution, the journey towards sustainable mobility gains momentum, one pedal stroke at a time.

To tackle some of these challenges head-on, UNDP is organizing one of our “SDG local solution” series. The webinar will explore how cities can use e-bikes to address some of their more important mobility challenges.

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