On 14-16 May, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) will host a virtual workshop in partnership with the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network (CSCN) and the Commonwealth Women in Local Government Network (ComWLG). With the title “Gendered cities: empowering local government to address the intersection of gender, urbanization, and development”, the event will address issues related to urban growth sustainability.

The workshop will be split into two sessions scheduled to accommodate different time zones:

Caribbean, Canada & Pacific Webinar: May 14, 2024, at 20:00 UTC

Africa, Asia & Europe Webinar: May 16, 2024, at 08:00 UTC

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Virtual via Zoom

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Cities function as vibrant centers where diverse social, economic, and cultural interactions unfold daily. However, throughout history, urban development and planning have often disregarded the diverse needs and experiences of women and marginalized genders. This oversight has led to unequal outcomes regarding access to resources, services, and opportunities within urban landscapes.

This event will underscore the Commonwealth’s dedication to promoting dialogue and cooperation for more equitable and sustainable cities worldwide. It will feature discussions on key topics such as the integration of gender perspectives into urban planning, the establishment of safe and inclusive public spaces, the promotion of economic empowerment and livelihoods, governance and leadership to reduce inequality.