In Guatemala, the UNDP Accelerator Labs are working with municipalities to solve global problems through local innovation and creativity. More than 200 people are benefiting from the “solar tuk-tuk” pilot, a motorcycle cab converted into an electric vehicle with solar photovoltaic charging capacity. A social innovation that aims to solve socio-economic and environmental challenges.

In 2021, the G-22 Environmental Association launched a national call to integrate a multidisciplinary team to work on the conversion of an internal combustion tuk-tuk into an electric vehicle with solar charging capacity. Thus, a team was formed by students, trainers, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, designers, and videographers, among others, from universities and private companies in Guatemala, with whom they worked based on participatory co-creation workshops, both virtual and in person.

The tuk-tuk is now connecting rural areas to bring essential services such medical assistance, energy provision, water pump and it even transforms into a portable cinema!

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