The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is addressing the problem of access to private toilet facilities. Kumasi is the second city of Ghana, but in the district of Moshie Zongo, 83% of households do not count with a private toilet, and inhabitants need to resort to use public toilets that are not safe or easily accessible.

In January 2024, the municipality built 11 toilets and 2 bathrooms for six houses as part of the pilot phase of the “Kumasi revolving fund sanitation project”. The project aims at constructing 915 toilets in total. The scheme offers low-interest loans to residents to be able to fund the construction of toilets. It also works with the local youth to provide them with training and tools to construct the locally design toilets.

The thirteen WASH facilities are expected to serve over 200 people in the community. The beneficiaries expressed their appreciation to the municipality and look forward to the project scale-up.

To have such a flexible loan facility that finance installations of hygienic household toilet to poor households is a blessing from Allah. As a chief of Moshie Zongo, with my elders, we will make sure all beneficiary households repay the loan to make the project sustainable,” chief Amadu Janda said.

I never believed we could get toilets and bathroom constructed by the project for our house. I thought it was a joke, now I am very happy that we have our own toilets and bathrooms the facility is very beautiful and appealing”, a resident of the community Mamuna Awudu said. She expressed thanks and appreciation to the stakeholders for bringing the project that is going to help a lot of people in Moshie Zongo community.

Among the objectives of the project is to minimize the risks related to open defecation and practice safe hygiene.