Many municipalities wonder how to provide better public services with resources, both human and financial, that are almost never sufficient. The rapid changes in our societies mean that municipalities are faced with increasingly more challenges, with citizens demanding new and better public services. This challenge is especially relevant for small, rural, or remote municipalities, for whom it is very difficult to have human resources or capabilities to innovate, or to provide certain services enjoyed by residents of large cities.

Join us on 29th of May 2024, to discover how the Barcelona Province provides common services to its 311 municipalities, and to know more about how it operates, its added value, and its current and future challenges.

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The Barcelona Provincial Council will present its services to the 311 municipalities distributed in an area of 7.726 square kilometers. Following the presentation, there will be a question-and-answer session for the audience. The webinar will be translated into Spanish, English, and French.

Guiding questions

  1. What are the main services provided by the Provincial Council to its municipalities?
  2. Where do you observe trends or increased demand of services?
  3. How does the institution adapt to the opening of new service areas?
  4. What are the greatest difficulties for small municipalities to fully participate?
  5. From the challenges encountered, what solutions have been useful for progress?
  6. How relevant are international partnerships in improving the institution?
  7. What are the most visible impacts of the action?
  8. What are the future challenges ahead?

The event will be moderated by Gricel Avila, Coordinator of the Territorial Development Programme of UNDP Bolivia.

Download the event concept note in English here.

Descargue la nota conceptual en español aquí.