The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Rourkela Municipal Corporation have concluded a workshop aimed at localizing the SDGs in urban areas. The event was in Rourkela city, India on 4th September 2023. The main purpose was to create awareness about the SDGs among key officials in Odisha State.

Over one hundred participants attended the workshop including UN Agencies, municipal authorities, and, important personalities in Rourkela.

Among the key topics discussed were: the importance of business incubators in the conversion of sustainable business ideas to business, partnerships between different stakeholders and the importance of everyone’s contribution to achieving the SDGs, and the importance of local level planning and within the circular economy to achieve the SDG.

Speaking to participants Sara Hoeflich, UCLG Learning Director, expressed the need for local-level planning and within the Circular Economy to achieve SDG 11. Sara encouraged all the participants to enroll in the self-paced learning course that was developed by UCLG and UNDP to enhance learning on SDGs in the context of urban areas.

The participants were divided into working groups to discuss on two important challenges they face in their course of work in the city and provide possible solutions to mitigate the identified challenges.  

Diana Lopez, Advisor on cities and local governments (UNDP), commended Rourkela city for the work on the pilot phase of their cold room project encouraging participants to use the SDG framework in strategic planning to analyze the problems of the city and identify challenges and solutions. She also emphasized the importance of measuring impacts and communicating it outside the system.

Dr. Subhankar Mohapatra, Commissioner, Rourkela Municipal Corporation elaborated on the concept of sustainability. He emphasized the need for greater partnership between different stakeholders and the importance of everyone’s contribution to achieving the SDGs.

Abha Mishra, Head of the Office, UNDP told participants that the workshop is timely as Rourkela is a smart city with ongoing innovative activities which is why the workshop is vital for them.

Key action points :

• Development of an SDG vision plan 2030 for Rourkela city

• Preparation of a Voluntary Local Review of SDGs for Rourkela city.

• Conducting a workshop with corporate stakeholders to identify other potential partnerships on issues relevant to the city

• Documentation of the Rourkela city solar cold storage initiative and share it with other cities.

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