The UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub (Local Governance Team) has launched the LocalLens Webinar Series, to promote regional and cross-country knowledge exchange on local governance and the localization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asia-Pacific. This new platform will explore ways to enhance inclusive, effective, and accountable local governance to accelerate SDG progress in the region.

The first session of this webinar series will happen on 13 June and will focus on Thailand and Indonesia, two countries leading innovative local governance approaches to advance SDG localization such as the Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR), Social Innovation Platform (SIP), Indonesia’s Village SDGs Initiative (SDG Desa), and Thailand’s Strengthening SDG Localization program.

13 June

10:00-11:10 am (GMT+7)


Key goals of the inaugural webinar include:

  1. Facilitating knowledge exchange on innovative local governance practices, including participatory approaches, systems thinking, multi-level governance, data-driven methodologies, and future-oriented perspectives.
  2. Showcasing the expertise and experiences of local governance practitioners to inspire participants towards inclusive, resilient, and accountable governance.
  3. Building the capacity of participants to contribute effectively to advancing local governance models that are inclusive, resilient, and accountable.

The series encourages stakeholders in local governance across the Asia-Pacific to promote collaboration and inventive strategies to fulfill SDG objectives.