The fifth event of UNDP’s learning series to share SDG solutions, this event will take place on the 24th of January 2024, an exchange of experiences between the cities of Rocha, Uruguay and Rourkela, India on the topic ‘ Municipal solutions for storage and selling fresh products’.

Globally, a large number of communities mainly rural and agricultural, face the reality of not having refrigeration systems to maintain the cold chain of their products, resulting in food insecurity, as well as an economic impact, because they must sell their products at a very low cost, even throw them or give them away.

For example, a pilot survey conducted in Rourkela, India indicates that 83% of the farmers/vendors lack storage options and this is the main factor for selling the products at a very low price, when they cannot sell all the products at the end of the market day.

In this framework, and following the targets established in the SDGs, especially in SDG 2: “zero hunger”, different cities are betting on implementing programs that allow maintaining the cold chain, thus increasing farmers’ income and reducing the forced sale of products and waste.

Rocha, Uruguay will be presenting their project cold chambers for fishermen- installing two containers with cold chambers , one for shrimp and fillet filleting and processing.

The cold chambers were made available to the fishermen of the area in order to refrigerate the fish. This is a population with high socio-economic vulnerability that did not have electricity, which meant that they almost had to give it away to avoid losing it due to the lack of refrigeration.

Rourkela, India is introducing a project to refrigerate products through cold storage managed by the municipality with the help of women’s groups.

The Rourkela cold storage project is an initiative that seeks to address the difficult conditions faced by farmers and vendors in Rourkela, who are forced to sell their produce at a very low price at the end of the market day due to the lack of storage facilities.

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