Nansana Municipality is the largest and most densely populated municipality in Uganda’s Wakiso district. The city strongly advocates for SDG 16: peace, justice and strong institutions, prioritizing youth empowerment and initiatives to tackle social challenges like unemployment, violence and crime, drug abuse, corruption, and economic disparity.

Some of the city initiatives include well-established community dialogues which facilitate social cohesion and address pressing security issues; an active youth desk within the Mayor’s office to address youth concerns and coordinate youth council activities; Peace and Justice clubs within schools to actively engage youth in championing peaceful communities.

The municipality also utilizes a collaborative approach to report progress which includes media engagement to inform about human rights issues, and community participation in annual budget conferences.

Community security engagement meeting. Credit: Nansana city

Launch of a Peace and Justice club in a school in Nansana. Credit: Nansana city

Collaborative partnerships

Nansana fosters partnerships with national ministries, local councils, and international organizations like Strong Cities Network. Recently, it has partnered with Stellenbosch municipality in South Africa for a peer learning program that addresses the rising hate and polarization in cities and adopts a community policing model in neighborhoods. Moreover, its Mayor, HE Regina Nakkazzi Bakiitte Musoke, currently represents the city by chairing the AMICAALL Uganda Chapter and as a member of the Regional Executive Committee for ICLEI-Africa.

The city strategic approach emphasizes:

  • Enhanced community engagement across the municipality’s neighborhoods
  • Fostering improved communication channels between residents and local authorities
  • Establishing robust collaboration with security agencies and judicial institutions

Community participation is helping Nansana pave the way towards a more peaceful and sustainable city.