The SDG Synergies tool, created by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), stands as a freely accessible online resource meticulously engineered to help governments in their pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Its primary objective is to harmonize any policy, strategy, project, or educational curriculum with the SDGs, offering a robust framework for alignment.

By applying systems thinking, the tool facilitates a structured participatory process in which stakeholders discuss and evaluate how the sets of policy areas and targets interact, playing a pivotal role in planning and decision-making endeavors.

The tool visualizations and analyses can, for example, inform decisions about how to prioritize or sequence the implementation of different goals or how best to manage potential trade-offs between them. They can also help to identify what cross-sectoral collaborations would be most productive.

Photo: SEI

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A manual has been designed to assist administrators, project managers, or individuals conducting analyses with the SDG Synergies tool, offering instructions for workshop organizers and participants responsible for assessing interactions. It provides comprehensive guidance on project creation and management with the tool, along with detailed insights on executing and interpreting the diverse analyses facilitated by it.

Download the SDG Synergies manual here

SDG Synergies has been used by national and regional governments around the world. To gain a broad understanding of the method and explore further resources and real-world applications of the SDG Synergies approach, please visit sdgsynergies.org or access the SDG Synergies tool directly at tool.sdgsynergies.org