Local SDG action is happening everywhere and cities and local governments need practical solutions to help fulfill the numerous needs of their citizens. Globally cities are facing many challenges to ensure a better future at the local level and those cities hold the key to solving those challenges. This can be done if local governments are equipped with the capability to invest in capacity building and enhance institutional efficiency, develop infrastructure, and foster partnerships with civil society.

It is against this backdrop that UN-Habitat, UNDP and United Cities and Local Governments have been working together since 2014 to bring Localizing SDG to the centre of the agenda. They have jointly developed a training of trainer’s modules to multiply the knowledge about the sustainable development goals localizing all the process in all its dimensions. The training of trainers was developed to provide local and regional governments with practical guides to implementing the SDGs. The materials counted with the support of the Barcelona Provincial Government and the European Union.

In the training on trainers’ session online courses, UCLG will use their learning modules as a basis to train new trainers who will join UCLG learning Facilitator community and to provide further training for community members. There are four different learning modules.

  1. Introduction: Localizing the SDGs
  2. Territorial planning and the SDGs
  3. Monitoring and reporting
  4. Decentralized cooperation

With each module, each trainee/trainer can design its own local awareness-raising strategy, align local policies monitor and evaluate local processes among others. The materials are available in English, French and Spanish.

All the GTF, UCLG, UN-Habitat & UNDP SDGs Localization learning modules were also adapted for an online self-paced modality. 

They are free, with videos, online games, quizzes, certificates and available in English, French and Spanish.

Module 1:  “Introduction to the SDGs Localization”, in ENGSPAFRE

Module 2: “Planning for the SDGs Localization”, in ENGSPAFRE

Module 3: “Monitoring the SDGs Localization”, in ENGSPAFRE

Module 4: “Decentralized Cooperation and SDGs”, in ENGSPAFRE & TUR

Module 5: “Voluntary Local Reviews”, in ENGSPAFRE

Module 6: ” Voluntary Subnational Reviews” , in ENGSPAFRE

Module 7: “Culture & SDGs”, in ENG

Videos, peer learning and other resources are also available here