The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) has designed a comprehensive global toolbox to assist local governments and urban stakeholders in comprehending, tailoring, and advancing inclusive and integrated urban planning methods.

Known as Our City Plans, this global resource empowers local governments and urban stakeholders to better grasp, customize, and implement inclusive urban planning processes. It employs a participatory and step-by-step approach that can be fine-tuned to suit local conditions.

This resource equips local governments and urban stakeholders with the tools needed to develop inclusive and cohesive urban planning strategies.

By offering users actionable guidelines, downloadable tools, supplementary resources, and a range of planning experiences, Our City Plans democratizes and elaborates on a holistic planning methodology pioneered by UN-Habitat.

Download the Our City Plans guide here

The development of this toolbox involved collaboration across various departments, sections, and regional offices, under the direction of the Urban Practices Branch. Drawing from UN-Habitat’s extensive experience in over 100 participatory planning initiatives since 2014, Our City Plans reflects a deep understanding of diverse global urban contexts.

UN-Habitat works towards achieving inclusive, resilient, and sustainable urban development.

For more detailed information about the toolbox and its usage, please visit the official website at