UNDP has launched a new learning series to share SDG solutions proposed by local governments to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Conducted through webinars and online peer exchange, this new series will touch on a broad range of topics that bring together different SDGs into life in the city.

The event was held on the 4th of September 2023 on the topic ‘New challenges in waste and its impact in urban mobility’ Latin American innovation.

Waste in urban areas is mostly generated by private households, resulting from the disposal of the materials they use in their daily activities. An estimated 45% of this waste goes untreated, with disastrous health and economic consequences, aggravating climate change and pollution crises. As often happens, this problem disproportionately affects the poorest among us. Some 4 billion people are affected by the lack of adequate solid waste treatment.

This webinar aims to give visibility to generate a conversation between cities and their partners that have implemented innovative mobility strategies to solve the new challenges of urban waste in Latin America.

Hermosillo, México presented a project on recyclable waste through a network of electro-assisted bicycles driven by women recyclers to promote a more sustainable and non-polluting system of urban recycling.

View project document here

In Guatemala, the city showcased the electric tuk-tuk prototype in the municipality of Comalapa, which has waste collection units but also supports the mobility of people with disabilities, children’s mobility, battery charging, and medical assistance. It includes as a special focus the incorporation of women and young people in the development of the 5 prototypes.

View project document here

And Montevideo, Uruguay likewise is presented the ‘Green transition, tuk-tuk’ program labor inclusion project for informal recyclers, recognizing their autonomy and agency and involving them in the design of the expansion of new tricycle vehicles, incorporating their knowledge, needs, and perceptions of improvement.

View project document here


Ignacio Lorenzo, Director of Cleaning of the Environmental Area of the Municipality of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Fernando Traversa, Coordinator Plan for Released Areas of the Municipality of Montevideo.

Caroll Dardón, National Coordinator of the Small Grants Program at UNDP Guatemala

Paola Constantino, Head of Solution Mapping, Innovation Acceleration Labs, UNDP Guatemala

Jose Carrillo, Director General of the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN) Hermosillo, Mexico 

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