UNDP has just launched a new learning series to share SDG solutions proposed by local governments. Conducted through webinars and online peer exchange, this new series will touch on a broad range of topics that bring together different SDGs to life.

Our second event took place on the 29th of August 2023 as an exchange between Butuan in the Philippines and Rourkela in India.

Municipalities do not have overall responsibility over food systems, but we are assisting with an increasing interest by local governments to try and correct the effects of global/national markets on the quality of life of their residents.

Two cities in Asia are particularly active in trying to correct these market inefficiencies, where locally produced food needs public intervention to arrive at better conditions for the local tables. Sometimes, with some intervention, the municipality helps farmers to get better prices and consumers to get better and more affordable food.

The city of Butuan, in the Philippines has developed the Agriboost project, an agri-ecosystem innovation that enhances farmer capacities and catalyzes market forces for a sustainable, food-secure and vibrant community.

Download Butuan project presentation here

The Rourkela Municipal Corporation, in India, is implementing the Cold rooms project, operated by women’s self-help groups to address the high rates of difficult conditions experienced by farmers and vendors, including exposure to extreme weather, multiple drivers of cost that reduce the viability of low-volume production as well as a marketplace void of clear market signals.

Download Rourkela project presentation here


Brenda Dimas, Project Supervisor, Butuan Global Mayors Challenge

Bewin Tom, Project Supervisor, Rourkela Global Mayors Challenge