The URBACT toolbox assist city planners and developers in shaping better urban environments. Designed to facilitate integrated and participatory actions within cities, the toolbox offers a wealth of guidance, tools, templates, and more to navigate urban challenges effectively.

The toolbox is is part of the URBACT, an European exchange and learning programme, promoting sustainable urban development, financed by the European Union through its European Regional Development Fund and the Member States. Its URBACT method draws from over 20 years of experience supporting European cities and is founded on three key concepts: integration, participation, and action learning.

The resource is accessible at https://urbact.eu/toolbox-home/sharing-knowledge

It is organized into five stages and crosscutting actions to engage stakeholders and share knowledge. The Toolbox serves as a repository for various tools tailored to different stages of urban development. From analyzing problems to planning action, resourcing, implementing, measuring results, engaging stakeholders, and sharing knowledge, the toolbox provides comprehensive support throughout urban planning processes.

With a focus on practicality and effectiveness, the toolbox empowers urban planners with the necessary resources to address urban challenges efficiently.

Urban planners can access ongoing updates and additions to the toolbox as responses to urban challenges evolve. By harnessing the opportunities of integrated, inclusive, and sustainable urban development, the URBACT toolbox is as a valuable resource for cities striving for positive change.