The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the city of Bratislava, Slovakia is organizing another Urban Talks series webinar. Scheduled for 22 May with the title “Managing Complexity: The Future of Municipalities” and funded by the European Union.

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(Credit: UNDP)

As cities around the globe grapple with ever-evolving demands, there’s a growing imperative for local governments to embrace transformative strategies and adapt to new realities. This forthcoming dialogue will shed light on the shifting role of city administrations and the pivotal hurdles they confront in rebuilding trust, harnessing local strengths, and catalyzing transformative change.

Among the speakers is Lukáš Polesňák, the Chief Digital Officer of the city of Bratislava. His presentation will offer a blueprint for leveraging technology to enhance municipal operations sustainably. Idoia Postigo, the General Manager of Bilbao Metropoli 30 from Spain will share Bilbao’s journey from an industrial hub to a modern metropolis, highlighting the city’s urban innovation and regeneration.

Dan Chapman, the Chief Administrative Officer of the city of Kitchener, Canada, along with Randy Sa’d, the Executive Director of REFOCUS, will engage in a dialogue on strategic management practices tailored to address the escalating complexity faced by modern municipalities.

Urban Talks” serves as a platform to explore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities confronting municipalities amid a backdrop of rapid change. Through engaging discussions and exchange of ideas, participants gain fresh perspectives and actionable strategies to navigate the intricate landscape of urban governance.

With municipal administrations worldwide grappling with unprecedented challenges, events like these underscore the significance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in charting the course toward resilient and thriving cities.