Piazza San Marco 136, Venice, Italy

15th September – 15th November 2023

Local and regional governments are leading the implementation of the SDGs. They are widely recognized as key to make Agenda 2030 a reality for all.

Since 2015, cities have been increasingly active in working with their local population partners to bring the spirit of Agenda 2030 to their streets. Local governments have also started to use SDGs as a strategic framework to deliver better and more innovative public services, they are also using Agenda 2030 to better communicate their public action.

Local SDG action is happening everywhere, it is time to give more visibility to the concrete and innovative solutions that are being generated at the local level and around the world.

UNDP and AICCRE VENICE are opening a very special exhibition this year in Venice (Italy), open from 15th September to 15th November in Saint Mark’s Square, 136 with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This “Pavilion” builds on the idea of “City Care” to show how cities care about their citizens and what specific innovations they are creating to improve the people living in them.

The City Care Pavilion brings all kinds of visitors closer together to make them reflect on how cities care. Through visual arts, the Pavilion will tell the story of how local governments are transforming local challenges into global opportunities.

If you cannot join us in Venice, virtually visit the Pavilion here!

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