In 2021, Vilnius Municipality and the and Vilnius Education Progress Center (in Lithuania) launched the innovative education project “Vilnius is a School.” This project brings the school lessons such history, languages, mathematics, business, technologies, civil society, or how to deal with disinformation— out of school premises and into public spaces and business throughout the city.

The project’s e-platform contains detailed descriptions of the classes held in public and business spaces, the options for teachers to book a certain space with the company or select one in the city, and share the class with others.

The project is expected to expand the students’ knowledge of traditional school subjects and instills real-life skills and values. According to Unė Kaunaitė, Director at Vilnius Education Progress Center, the classes maximize their effectiveness and boost student engagement by working with business and the local community.

Vilnius City Municipality is helping students to develop real-life professional skills, key to address the future needs of the labour market.

Vilnius’ urban spaces are opened up to students to combine traditional learning in schools with remote lessons and classes in Vilnius’ parks, museums, libraries, and business spaces. Other spaces, such initiatives an open café and urban art are also use to promote artistic expression, entrepreneurship and innovative education.

The open school platform has received endorsement from public institutions—the Lithuanian Red Cross Society, the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania, the State Data Agency, and others—which participate with their own classes. The project was one of the winners of the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.