Cities, local and regional governments worldwide are using VLRs to track and report on SDG progress. VLRs are powerful accelerators in the process of localizing the SDGs. The VLRs help to enhance communication between different levels of government and help cities forge new partnerships.

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Al Madinah’s VLR aims to evaluate Al Madinah’s current state of sustainable development and to assess them to the national and international trends.

The VLR focuses on 9 SDG goals: from Goal 1 (no poverty) to Goal 8 (decent work and economic growth), and Goal 11 (cities and sustainable communities). The report addresses Al Madinah’s sustainable development state in many fields such as health, education, infrastructure, environment, housing, and transport among others. Al Madinah opted for a hybrid approach. The Al Madinah VLR groups those SDG Goals that are a priority for the city’s development into thematic chapters that included the analysis of interlinked SDG Goals.