There is approximately 3.5 billion people still living without safe toilets, while 419 million people still practice open defecation. In these situations, diseases spread, killing the most vulnerable, particularly women, children, and other vulnerable groups.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, in Ghana is embarking on a project to build over six hundred toilets in the neighborhood of Moshie Zongo to minimize the risks related to open defecation and practice safe hygiene. Thanks to the project, homes will now have a private toilet, instead of having to public facilities that are unsafe at night and offer little privacy for members of the community.

The biodigester toilets that are to be constructed locally utilize the anaerobic digestive process to break down and clean toilet waste – the result is less solid waste, relatively clean water output, and the release of harmless gas into the environment.

To mark World Toilet Day on 19th November 2023, the Kumasi Global Mayors Challenge Field Office was joined by the Mayor of Kumasi, Hon. Samuel Pyne to inspect the first three demonstration toilets constructed by local youth trained by the municipality. The Mayor encouraged the Sanitation Champions to intensify awareness of the toilets and urged the youths to be diligent, selfless, and dedicated to their trade.

The beneficiaries were very grateful and excited to have their own biodigester toilets.

World Toilet Day is a global observance to raise awareness and action for safe toilet and sanitation systems. World Toilet Day 2023 is about accelerating change by doing whatever we can to tackle this world menacing problem.